Open 22 February, 2022 • 19:00 (UTC -3)

Enjoy this new opportunity to start playing on the biggest and most stable Interlude community.

The Season

What is waiting for you?

A new journey will begin, you will have the opportunity to start in the wonderful world of Interlude and be the strongest of them all. With the most up-to-date files and the security you need, we have the ideal setting for you to call your friends, your clan and have fun for a long time.

Lineage2 SCIONS Season 1 trailer
Reasons to play now

What Lineage2 SCIONS Offers You


Rise of the new Warriors

Enjoy the new classes Death Knight and Sylph and challenge the mighty monsters at Orc Barracks

Take advantage of this new journey to form your groups or play solo, show your power and dominate the world of Interlude. Adventure awaits to you as you explore the vast lands and monsters. As two new additional classes allows you to expand your enjoyment; the Death Knight and Sylph classes.


The Spirit's Awakening

Embark yourself on the new Spirits Challenge. Meet your new companion and prepare for the upcoming fights

Explore great battles defeating elemental spirits and getting great rewards. Enlist the help of a new pet companion who will accompany you in battle.



Auto Events Server

Daily Login Rewards, Auto Farm, Fame Zone, Party Zone, PVP Event, Tournanment, Kill the Boss, TvT Event, Siege, Epic and Raid Boss, Fortness Event



We keep your character online

Protection System with DC in TvT and Boss Areas - Did you take DC? Go back to the events without a problem, within 2 minutes without losing them.